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Whether you’re a family, a new couple, or an individual looking to find the perfect mortgage options, Ferrari Lending (NMLS 1691763) is experienced in helping people discover their ideal home. Operating out of our Boca Raton office, we offer a unique set of products that's not generally available or offered by ...

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There are thousands of variables that can affect the outcome of your mortgage transaction. That's why you need a mortgage broker to act as a liaison between the title and escrow company, real estate agent, lender, appraiser, credit agency, the underwriters, processors, attorneys, and any other services which may ...

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Mortgage Loan Services

Mortgage Loan Services

Foreign National Loans

  • Foreign nationals are not United States citizens, they will not qualify for Fannie, Freddie, and FHA mortgages, so lenders that offer them …
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DSCR Loans (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)

  • LTV up to 80% for Purchase and R/T Refi and 70% for Cash-Out Refi
  • Available for 5-8 Unit Properties with LTV up to 70%
  • Close multiple loans …
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Bank Statements Loans

  • This program allows personal or business bank statements to calculate income without requiring tax returns.
  • Loans from $150,000 to $3 million
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“We are more than just a numbers and books place. We are people who care about people,” said CEO Alexandre Ferrari. 
Sep 24, 2022
Alexandre Ferrari
Very Responsive!!!!! 1000!!!!!!!!! 
Oct 17, 2021
Costa Group

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I represent clients who authorize me to do so. I do not work for or represent the interest of any mortgage lender or other duly authorized entity to whom I may submit a mortgage application on behalf of a Client. My services are provided in a Mortgage Broker capacity and I am not authorized to approve or deny a mortgage loan request. NMLS 1691763 / NMLS 1322774

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